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What Is Love All About?

Posted by SANTHOSH KUMAR T.M. on January 4, 2013 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

What Is Love All About?

I was watching my daughter Shubha make wonderful caricatures and preparing masks as part of her play-pretend, all by herself. She was oblivious to the fact that I was watching her at play.It was fun to steal a peek into her world of make-believe.She never ceases to fascinate me, and when she caught me looking, she was all over the moon and I found huge kisses planted on my cheeks..


The joy our little ones bring is profound. You nurture love and watch it grow. It is a treat for our eyes to see our children frolicking around like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes ,I reminisce my time as a child and wonder if I brought that joy too. What I got I want to pass on and someday I hope, my child will be as proud as I am.


Here's a poem written by my friend, another proud mother, that I liked and wish to quote...


" I'll be your root, so branch out u little one.

the sky is your expanse, reach out to the sun.


spread your sunshine and I'll enjoy your shade.

time goes by but memories dont fade.


I'll hold every falling leaf.

in each a time frozen, happy moments some

and some of grief .


every step u take away,the deeper I'll go,

to the heartbeats resounding of the ones before.


sharing a leaf out of our lives......"




I think that is a beautiful poem!



For a tree to be able to reach out to the skies, it has to be firmly and deeply rooted. The roots may not show, but they are very much responsible for the tree's growth, the fruits they bear and the heights they scale. But the roots have to allow the branches to sway with the wind, enjoy the sunlight and brave the rains. If its leaves are always guarded from the forces of rain, sunshine, thunder and lightning, it will never grow. The harsh forces of nature may sometimes cause the tree to shed some leaves, but it will cause offshoots of new leaves too and make it even more beautiful!!! The roots also have to allow the branches to grow away from them and seek their own space in order for the tree to follow its rightful direction.


It must be more beautiful to watch my little one branch out and spread her branches to reach out to the skies, than be content in the smug knowledge that she is tied down to me. It will be even more beautiful to watch her fly high like a bird towards the stars.(when i let her go?)


Love, in whatever form, is so so beautiful !

They say, in real love you want the other person's good. In romantic or attached love you just want the other person.

The best and true way to love, I guess is to know how much to hold the others' hand and how much to let go. There can perhaps be nothing more beautiful than pure, unattached, unconditional love.


Posted by SANTHOSH KUMAR T.M. on January 4, 2013 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)


I was watching my little nephew's videos, when he was a lovely10 month old baby. It was such a pleasure to watch him take his FIRST steps.There are at least 10 videos of him taking a few steps forward.Initially he could go just a couple of steps ahead, but in a few days, he was able to walk a few metres, before he fell down.But did he cry? Did he give up? No! In fact, he was thrilled to have taken whatever few steps he could and got up and tried to walk again.


Every child has done the same in the process of learning to walk. We all fall, then rise, then fall again, and one fine day, are able to walk! We don’t even remember those struggles and they are just a part of our growing up. That is a part of nature. All animals, even birds have to struggle before they take their first flight.


Where and how, do we, as adults, forget this process of "Try, try again till you learn to walk/fly" and brand every faltering step as a "failure”? Why do we forget our own NATURE and get disheartened? As kids, we put our full trust and faith in our parents and loved ones, who lovingly guided us by the fingers to help us learn to walk. But they did let go of their grasp in order to let the child walk ahead. The kids too, do not blame or get negative feelings or feel cheated by anyone when they fall.They simply rise again, maybe shed a tear or two, if they are hurt, and carry on again. Why do we forget this attitude? Why can't people stop blaming others for their circumstances and why can't we sometimes let go, to allow a loved one to GROW? What causes this change in ATTITUDE, ENTHUSIASM, and SPIRIT OF LIFE?


It is so true, that one fails only when one stops trying! If every child were to give up every time he/she fell, no one would would ever learn to walk! I think there are a lot of things we can learn from children, especially babies, because they are unaware and untouched by the WAYS OF THE WORLD. Maybe we need to look for the child hidden in each of us, who has lost the sense of happiness without any reason or limits, and is closer to God!


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t is everyone's dream to buy one's dream house. However, buying your dream house is not always as easy as it seems. For, you can’t be sure about the quality of your flat, particularly if you are buying a house from a builder.

"Unlike cars that are standard and built in factories for years, every building is a custom and hand-made product made to suit the site and product type. A reputed builder would normally have a good team of project managers who will ensure quality consistency, but this may not be true of all builders,

It is better, therefore, not to get carried away by the claims of a builder or his team. Verify the facts all by yourself and take safeguards to protect yourself from being short-changed during the delivery of the final apartment. Here are some precautions to take while buying a builder's flat:

Choose a reputed developer to buy from

This is very important as India's real estate industry is still inundated with unscrupulous and fly by night operators who are just interested in making quick bucks and consumers’ interests hardly matter to them. In fact, sometimes it is very difficult even to locate such builders once their projects are sold out.

"It is very important, therefore, to check the reputation of the developer,"

Check the documents

It is also important to check the credibility of the documents and whether all necessary approvals have been obtained. If not, the buyer of the flat may land in trouble later on.

Buy the flat by taking home loan

One of the better ways to avoid landing in trouble is to buy a builder's flat by taking a home loan. This helps as "the bank would always enquire and verify the project, the builder and his past record

Take an informed decision

It is important to keep the basics in mind and read the fine print carefully before taking the decision to buy. For, if you don't take an informed decision, chances are that you may have to repent your decision later on when you will discover something wrong with your dream home.

Therefore, "ensure that the fine print on the amenities are clearly understood and clarified by the sales team,"

Recheck promises made by sales personnel

Recheck with a senior member of the developer's organisation the promises made by sales personnel. This is because "often marketing and sales could be outsourced and agencies who undertake this would be interested in the 2% transaction fee and seldom would follow up on quality issues,"

Verify the various offerings

Thoroughly examine and verify the various offerings and other amenities – such as children's park, swimming pool, gym and club -- provided by the builder and get everything on paper. This will help in resolving a dispute in case that arises later on.

"While buying a residence one always has to have a clear understanding of the offer given by the builder before finalising it. This includes the exact area of the property, whether the interiors and fittings are complimentary, colours, parking space etc. Generally builders do not provide interior creatives along with the flat and the sample flat is just a fancy representation to give an idea of how the property would look structurally. Thus, it is very important to clarify the exact offerings along with the property,"

Verify about maintenance work

It is always helpful to know in advance, who will be doing the maintenance work once the project is complete. In case of reputed builders, maintenance services are normally provided by them only. But you can’t be sure about this with all the builders. Also verify about the maintenance charges and how they will be increased in future.

Check about the parking space

Parking spaces and facilities are very important today – particularly in big cities and metros. Therefore, enquire about the parking facilities from the builder. These days a majority of builders are asking for hefty sums for providing reserved parking spaces. Keep this in mind and see whether the parking charges are reasonable or not. Also check whether the apartment has enough parking space or not.


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The whole life experience can be a solid energized rush. We emerge from the womb a glowing ball of erotic, orgasmic vibrating joy and ecstasy and then the material world proceeds to beat it out of us. By the time we hit puberty all our dynamic blissful force is reduced to and centered around the genitalia for purposes of procreation. For most people that's it until cremation or grave. For a fortunate few there is the yoga that can help them understand how to manage ojas shakti. For them life can once again become a joyful adventure and orgasmic erotic energy can suffuse their entire being. Properly understood Bhakti yoga can bring us this. It is, after all, the topmost system